A historical market icon is coming back

You can help return an iconic piece of history back to the City of Rochester Public Market--and have a visible commemorative presence at the Market yourself! Read on...

When the City of Rochester Public Market opened on its North Union Street site in 1905, it was one of only 125 prominent public places around the country to receive a limited edition, six-ton granite fountain.  Designed primarily to serve horses--the primary transportation mode of that time--these fountains also made fresh water available to people and even dogs.  These fountains were gifted by the National Humane Alliance as practical expressions of their animal welfare mission.

The Public Market's fountain quickly became an icon, but by 1930, cars and trucks had replaced horses as the primary transportation mode. That year, the fountain was deemed a traffic hazard, and considered to be "in the way," and was unceremoniously hauled off the Market.  It's whereabouts are still unknown today--all the trails to find it have gone cold.

But by a remarkable stroke of luck, Market staff discovered that one of the original 125 fountains was sitting on private property not far from Rochester.  The City was able to acquire this fountain, and is in the exciting process of renovating, plumbing, and putting it on the Market, on the small lawn between the Market Office house and the indoor "B" Shed. This fountain will not only be a tremendous historical acquisition--it will make the Market an even better public place and space.  It will be a magnet for gathering--gathering of friends, family, colleagues, and a place where 'strangers' will cease to become 'strangers' to one another! 

Support the Fountain Project and Market with a Custom-Engraved Brick

You can support the fountain project itself, and additional Market community programs, by ordering a custom-engraved commemorative brick that will be part of a decorative patio that will encircle the fountain.  These are large, original Market bricks that were salvaged and stored during the Market renovation/expansion project of 2016-2017.  Only 350 of these bricks are available for the patio, available first come-first served!  With a brick purchase, you/your family/your business will not only have a very visible, long-term presence in what is sure to become a very prominent place in an already prominent community place--you will also be supporting this wonderful historical and community project, and other Market community programs and initiatives.  What's more, your brick order will help the Market achieve a $7,500 "challenge grant" from Rochester Area Community Foundation!  

Special Thanks to Essential Partners and Supporters

This exciting project wouldn't have been nearly as easy or exciting without the support of:

Ellen Gugel and The Gugel Family, for generous contributions to support the project

Roz Goldman, for providing an expert appraisal of the fountain

Rochester Area Community Foundation, for a $7,500 challenge grant--such grants not only support the project directly but strongly encourage additional needed support

Market District Business Association, for a generous contribution to support the project

Scott Wagner, for connecting the Market with the Gugel family!


Brick Ordering online

Purchase up to three bricks with your own personalized message by clicking the “Brick Order Form” button and completing the online order form below. Online payments made via PayPal. Each personalized brick costs $300.

Brick Ordering By Mail

Or feel free to download and complete this fillable order form, print, and send in via U.S. Mail with check or money order.   

  • Make Payment To: "Friends of the Rochester Public Market"

  • Mail To: City of Rochester Public Market, 280 North Union Street, Rochester NY 14609

    Please Include - ATTN: Evan Lowenstein